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1.     What is CTI? What is their certificate?

The CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) is an US-based, voluntary, technical industry association on cooling towers.

CTI prepares and publishes standards, rules and guidelines. The firms or real persons who wishes, can be a member of CTI. Becoming a member of CTI does not make your products certified.

Founded in 1970, CTI is one of the oldest institutions in this field and has set forth and published standards that are accepted all over the world. One of these is Standard for Water Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Certification. Independent testing agencies authorized by CTI conduct tests according to this standard and submit the results to the Certification Manager. The product is certified with the approval of the manager.

The CTI certificate guarantees that all models of a water cooling tower line by a specific Manufacturer would perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer’s published ratings.

2.     First Certified Cooling Tower Manufacturer of Turkey: Niba

Niba NB model cooling towers have been certified by CTI. In this context, Niba is the first manufacturer of cooling towers in Turkey.

At the same time Niba is a member of CTI, Eurovent and ISKID (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers' Association).

3.     What are The Benefits of a Certified Product?

To have a certified product, gives a variety of advantages to both end-users and manufacturers.

For the end-user; these certifications guarantee that the products are subjected to independent tests and are rated correctly. Therefore, the chosen product works in conformity with the specified dimensioning and capacity. Material and components match with the investment. No need for a field test for capacity as the Certification assures the thermal capacity of a given model.

4.     Niba's NB cooling towers are certified by CTI according to STD-201RS standard.

This standard has set forth a program whereby CTI could certify that all models of a line of evaporative heat rejection equipment offered for sale by a specific manufacturer would perform thermally in accordance with the manufacturer's published ratings.

By the purchase of a "certified" model, the end-user has assurance that the tower would perform as specified. For Niba, either that model or one within its model line, would have been thoroughly tested by a CTI-licensed testing agency for Certification and found to perform as claimed by the Manufacturer.



GRP profiles are used for Eliminator supports, water distribution supports and filling supports.


PVC film type fillings are made of thermoformed PVC sheets, to obtain maximum cooling surface and minimum air resistance. 


The drift eliminators are made of PVC blades. 


The water distribution system is made of PVC pipes. It helps homogenous distribution and sprinkling of process water in the cooling tower. The spray nozzles used in the towers are made of Polypropylene. The water distribution system can be made of PP and FRP as well. This does not affect the performance of the tower. 


For these cooling towers, Cofimco or equivalent brand aluminum hub, aluminum blade fans are used. 


According to models, the motors are used either
In direct drive (with IP56 F isolation)
In direct drive with gear box
The gearbox is vertical input-vertical output. Gears and shafts are made of cementation steel. Body and cover are made of GG20 gray iron cast. Fluid sealing between the body and cover is provided by wet seal. Fluid sealing in shafts is provided by rubber seal.